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American Pioneer Inc. is proud to present Hand Forging A Flint Lock.

Release date is May 1, 2017

Master Gunsmith Mike Miller forges and files wrought iron and steel to teach how to make a flint lock in an 18th century manner. From start to finish, Mike shows in close detail how to recreate a traditional and functional lock, all by hand. This educational and informative 3 disc DVD is approximately 3 1/2 hours long.

$45 plus $7 shipping.

We are accepting orders that will ship May 1.

Call 270-782-7506

UPDATE MARCH 2017: We are in the process of completely redoing our website to be more current, informative and user friendly. We also plan to take advantage of a secure transaction capability with our new web provider for customer convenience.

Since our last update we have been busy. New DVDs now available include:

1. Presentation Grade Tomahawks with Wallace Gusler. Wallace shapes a horn mouthpiece for a pipe tomahawk and inlets three silver inlays into an iron pipe tomahawk head. The deluxe presentation grade tomahawk is then engraved.
DVD is $29.95 plus postage.

2. Recreating a Kentucky Rifle Hunting Bag with Ken Scott. This double disc DVD features Ken Scott demonstrating how to hand make a very fine shooting bag. The construction techniques shown will teach viewers how to create a variety of traditional leather pouches. Ken even shows how he antiques leather to create an aged appearance.
DVD is $29.95 plus postage.

**Postage is $7 for one DVD, $8 for two DVDs, and $9 for three or more.**

Good news for those who have been patiently awaiting Hand Forging a Lock with Mike Miller. It is about halfway edited as of March 13, 2017. The project is coming together nicely and my goal is to have this DVD 100% by this April, with sales projected to begin May 1, 2017. It is great detail since the project is so complex. It will be a THREE DISC DVD. The set will be $45 plus postage.

Customers who wish to place an order it is best to call 270-782-7506. In the meantime we will continue to produce the Mike Miller Lock Forging DVD and work on a brand new website.

Making a Hand Forged Pipe Tomahawk Features Wallace Gusler from Williamsburg Virginia working in a traditional manner with hand tools to forge, file and finish a pile tomahawk common to the Colonial frontier. It includes a fine curly maple handle that Wallace drills, shapes, stains and finishes. Also shown are original tomahawks from his private collection. Wallace demonstrates making two types of pipe tomahawks. One is from strap wrought iron with a separate pipe bowl attached. The other tomahawk is forged in one piece with the pipe bowl. Wallace also shows forge welding the steel bit into the iron head. Includes bonus material on how Wallace modifies a hot cutter to make a bottom fuller to help in forging a tomahawk. Now available for $29.95 plus $6 shipping

Charcoal Bluing a Gun Barrel features Gun Builder Tom Snyder demonstrating a traditional method to blue a gun barrel. This DVD also includes a segment with Tom on making charcoal since commercial charcoal is not suitable for this procedure. There is a bonus segment to highlight tools Tom makes for those interested in building 18th century style firearms in a traditional manner. This 45-minute presentation is now available for $24.95 plus $6 shipping.

Gunstock Stain and Finishes features Mark Silver demonstrating how to stain and finish a very fine Golden Age Flintlock Kentucky Rifle.  This rifle is relief carved with silver wire inlays and exquisite brass and silver mounts.  The traditional stain is made from nitric acid.  Included in this presentation, Tom Snyder demonstrates how to mix up your own nitric acid stain.  Mark also shows staining and finishing the ramrod.  This 48-minute presentation is $24.95 plus $6 shipping.

Inletting An Octagon Swamped Rifle Barrel Mark Silver demonstrates how to inlet a tapered and flared (swamped) octagon rifle barrel in a hand hewn curly maple stock in the manner of the 18th century gunbuilder using hand tools.  This DVD complements the earlier DVD with Mark on Traditional Gunstocking.  Includes a bonus segment on hewn gunstocks and how to layout a rifle pattern on a hewn stock. This 55-minute presentation is $24.95 plus $6 shipping.



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Thank you for your interest in our DVDs which are intended to educate, instruct and entertain all who are interested in American pioneer crafts.  We feature some of the best-known craftsmen and educators to include Mark A. Baker, Hershel and Frank House, Wallace Gusler, Mike Miller,Tom Snyder and Mark Silver.  We have titles for beginners to professional makers with even more planned for the future.

Karen and Jim Wright

Long Hunter Series Five Now Available

  1. Mark Silver demonstrates how to stain and finish a very fine golden age flintlock Kentucky Rifle. This rifle is relief carved with silver wire inlays and exquisite brass and silver mounts in the style of a Carolina made rifle from the 18th century. The traditional stain is made from nitric acid. Tom Snyder demonstrates how to mix your own nitric acid stain and Mark includes staining and finishing the ramrod. DVD only $24.95 plus $6 postage.

  2. Mark Silver demonstrates how to inlet a tapered and flared octagon barrel in a hand hewn curly maple stock in the manner of the 18th century gun builder using traditional hand tools. This DVD is a companion to Mark's earlier DVD on Traditional Gunstocking. Only $24.95 plus $6 postage.

  3. Long Hunter Series Volume Five Now Available. The saga of colonial era frontier pioneer life continues! Mark Baker is featured in this educational and entertaining double disc set which is three hours long. Mark demonstrates many aspects from the lore of the long hunters based on his decades of continuous research. Camp life, open fire cooking, speed loading, canoes and water crossing plus more. Wallace Gusler is featured on hunting shirts, and Charlie Brown demonstrates bark tanning deerskins. Hunters from the Second Company take you into the woods for a visit to an enchanted valley in an exacting historically correct approach to living history. Great music and fun adventures with Mark and his friends which include Mike Miller and Judge Carroll Ross. Special appearance with his wife Marlys, and special guests Ehrin and Beth Ehlert.  We are pleased to present The Long Hunter Series Volume Five!  $29.95 plus $6 postage. Order all five volumes for $125 plus $8 postage.

Mike Miller