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Thank you for your interest in our DVDs which are intended to educate, instruct and entertain all who are interested in American pioneer crafts.  We feature some of the best-known craftsmen and educators to include Mark A. Baker, Hershel and Frank House, Wallace Gusler, Mike Miller and Mark Silver.  We have titles for beginners to professional makers with even more planned for the future.


We have simplified our website to make it more user friendly.  Should you have any questions please call or email us.  We are a two-person operation, so if we are not here when y ou call, please leave a message and we will return  your call.


We are very security conscious and therefore do not recommend using email to send us credit card numbers.  The easiest way to order is check the titles for what interest you and call us.  Use our order form as a guide, or fill it out and mail or fax it to us.  We do not keep customer history and shred all credit card information about once a week.

Your purchase directly contributes to preserving certain positive aspects of our heritage and directly helps the featured artisans.  They receive a direct commission from the sales.  We certainly appreciate our customers, and hope you enjoy our efforts to promote the Preservation of the American Pioneer Crafts series.

Karen and Jim Wright

Long Hunter Series Five Now Available

  1. Long Hunter Series Volume Five Now Available. The saga of colonial era frontier pioneer life continues! Mark Baker is featured in this educational and entertaining double disc set which is three hours long. Mark demonstrates many aspects from the lore of the long hunters based on his decades of continuous research. Camp life, open fire cooking, speed loading, canoes and water crossing plus more. Wallace Gusler is featured on hunting shirts, and Charlie Brown demonstrates bark tanning deerskins. Hunters from the Second Company take you into the woods for a visit to an enchanted valley in an exacting historically correct approach to living history. Great music and fun adventures with Mark and his friends which include Mike Miller and Judge Carroll Ross. Special appearance with his wife Marlys, and special guests Ehrin and Beth Ehlert.  We are pleased to present The Long Hunter Series Volume Five!  $29.95 plus $6 postage. Order all five volumes for a 15% discount.

  2. Making A Hand-Forged Flint Lock with Mike Miller.  Mike forges and files the lock for a fine rifle using hand tools in an 18th century manner.  This project is 100% taped and in the queue for editing.  No tentative release date.  Gallery p.1

  3. Inletting a Gun Barrel by hand with Mark Silver

  4. The Colonial Frontier Hunting Shirt with Wallace Gusler and Eve Otmer  Gallery p.1

  5. Patch Boxes with Wallace Gusler. Will demonstrate how to fabricate and install a four piece brass patchbox. A separate project will cover the sliding wooden box lid.

  6. Building Jaeger Rifles with Mike Miller Gallery p.1

  7. Building a Swivel-Breech Rifle with Mike Miller