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The Jaeger Flintlock Rifle Project featuring Mike Miller - Contemporary builders of muzzleloading firearms have a wide variety of quality parts to choose from when building a gun. But what do you do when the more exacting parts are not available? Mike Miller demonstrates how to modify available commercial parts to suit your particular project by building a German-style Jaeger rifle from around 1720. Mike teaches how to modify a lock and triggers, make acanthus leaf finials on the buttplate and ramrod entry pipe, make an authentic wooden trigger guard, fabricate end caps for the wooden patchbox lid, make a buffalo horn muzzle cap, and more in this double disc dvd set. Important skills for building fine rifles, Mike takes gunbuilding to the next level. This double disc DVD set is two hours, ten minutes long of educational, entertaining and detailed information, taped in HD on location at Mike Miller’s shop in Kentucky. - $29.95 plus shipping

Relief Carving featuring Mike Miller - Flintlock rifles in the 18th and early 19th century often had their wooden stocks carved with both relief and incise designs. The European and British firearms typically showed a higher evolved art form and detail than the typical colonial American flintlock. Master Gunsmith Mike Miller from Edmonton, Kentucky first demonstrates how to design, layout, and carve an elegant English shell pattern on the breech of an English fowler. This shell pattern looks simple but is deceivingly difficult to master. The techniques demonstrated here have a broad range of application for relief carving American made flintlock rifles. Mike then discusses the carving tools he uses, as well as the critically important aspect of how he sharpens them. This DVD also features Mike laying out a pattern and carving of a fine, brass-mounted, maple-stocked American colonial made flintlock rifle. This video footage was taken from our DVD, Building the Daniel Boone Rifle. While not considered as sophisticated carvings as their European and British examples, the American Rococo was very creative, well designed and executed, and influential on its own merit. Learning from a Master how to properly carve a fine flintlock rifle in a historically correct manner is priceless. This DVD is 85-minutes long of educational, entertaining and detailed information, taped in HD on location at Mike Miller’s shop in Kentucky. - $29.95 plus shipping

Building the Daniel Boone Rifle featuring Mike Miller - Noted gunbuilder Mike Miller from Edmonton, Kentucky uses his vast knowledge of American firearms to recreate a likely possibility of what must be very similar to what Daniel Boone would have carried: a brass-mounted, maple-stocked, long-barreled flintlock rifle with a wooden patchbox, featuring bold architecture that was prevalent prior to the Revolutionary War. Mike demonstrates his techniques to teach how to build this traditional flintlock rifle. Starting with a curly maple stock blank, a long tapered and flared octagon barrel, a lock and some brass castings, Mike demonstrates in detail how you too can build a fine flintlock rifle that would have been common on the frontier among longhunters and early settlers. This four disc DVD set is 5 hours and 20 minutes of detailed instruction taped in HD on location at Mike Miller's shop. - $59.95 plus shipping

Recreating the Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch - Ken Scott demonstrates how to make a traditional leather hunting bag while showing many options in their design and construction. A very open and complete demonstration which includes how to age and antique the finished pouch. Educational and entertaining double disc DVD 2 hours, 10 minutes run time. - $29.95 plus shipping

Making A Hand Forged Tomahawk - This DVD features Wallace Gusler from Williamsburg Virginia in forging, filing and bluing a very fine 18th century style tomahawk using period proper techniques with hand tools. Two styles of tomahawks are forged to include a head with integral pipe head and one from strap wrought iron with separate pipe bowl. Wallace shows how to weld the steel bit into the forged iron head. He also demonstrates how to make and fit the handle. Bonus material shows modifying a hot cutter for making tomahawks. This 88-minute DVD is $29.95 plus shipping

Presentation Grade Tomahawks - Wallace Gusler demonstrates the art of making a deluxe pipe tomahawk. Wallace teaches how to fabricate an antler mouthpiece using readily available standard hand tools and makes a stopper to plug the smoke hole in the top of the handle. Three silver inlays are created and inlet into the iron tomahawk head including a knife, a half moon and a snake. The tomahawk head is then engraved in an 18th century style. The perfect addition to Making A Hand Forged Tomahawk with Wallace. Seventy minute DVD is $29.95 plus shipping

Hard-Forging a Flint Lock with Mike Miller - Master Gunsmith Mike Miller forges and files wrought iron and steel to teach how to make a flint lock in an 18th century manner. From start to finish, Mike shows in close detail how to recreate a traditional and functional lock, all by hand. This educational and informative 3 disc DVD is approximately 3 1/2 hours long. $44.95

Charcoal Bluing A Gun Barrel - Featuring gunbuilder Tom Snyder demonstrating a traditional method to blue a gun barrel. Also including a segment on making your own charcoal since commercial charcoal is not suitable for this procedure. There is a bonus segment to highlight tools Tom makes for those interested in building 18th century style firearms in a traditional manner. This 45-minute presentation is $24.95 plus shipping

Gunstock Stain and Finishes - Mark Silver demonstrates how to stain and finish a very fine Golden Age Flintlock Kentucky Rifle. This rifle is relief carved with silver wire inlays and exquisite brass and silver mounts. The traditional stain is made from nitric acid. Included in this presentation, Tom Snyder demonstrates how to mix up your own nitric acid stain. Mark also shows staining and finishing the ramrod. This 48-minute presentation is $24.95 plus shipping

Inletting An Octagon Swamped Rifle Barrel- Mark Silver demonstrates how to inlet a tapered and flared (swamped) octagon rifle barrel in a hand hewn curly maple stock in the manner of the 18th century gunbuilder using hand tools. This DVD compliments the earlier DVD with Mark on Traditional Gunstocking. Approximately 55-minutes for $24.95 plus shipping

Longhunter, Volume One discusses clothing, making center seam moccasins, oil cloth, accouterments, rifle cleaning, firearms, walnut dye, paper cartridges & various skills used by hunters on the eastern frontier during the 18th century. Flint knapping demo by William White $29.95 + postage

Longhunter, Volume Two demonstrates more aspects of frontier life such as fire starting with flint & steel, open fire cooking, parching corn, bedroll, jerky, Johnny cake, hot chocolate, casting ball, quick bread & a segment with Paul Dinsmore showing how to brain tan a deerskin $29.95 + postage

Longhunter, Volume Three Mark makes shoe packs for cold weather, turkey calls, cooking fish & fowl, roasting coffee beans, brewing coffee, tea, food sacks, shelters & cow knees. Mike Alton demonstrates a match coat & James Moore shows how to make a turkey call $29.95 + postage

Longhunter, Volume Four includes food items in the settlements, preparing trail rations, belt axes, leggings, campsites & famous one-blanket tricks and more $29.95 + postage

Longhunter, Volume Five The saga continues with Mark Baker bringing to life the frontier experience. Educational and entertaining with demonstrations in camp life, open fire cooking, speed loading and water crossings. Special features include Wallace Gusler on hunting shirts and Charlie Brown bark tanning deerskin. Join with Second Company heading into the woods. Many projects and demonstrations captured on this three hour long double disc DVD $29.95 + postage

Longhunter Music - Features live recordings of Morgan’s Glade with Larry Spisak and some songs from disbanded Curmudgeon & some out-takes from our Longhunter Series. Includes a redone vignette of Red is the Rose. Fun & entertaining with some of our best video shots $14.95 + postage

Leather Tanning - Leather tanning is now expanded to demonstrate two traditional methods of tanning deerskin. Mark Baker field dresses a deer, Paul Dinsmore skins it then shows step by step how to brain tan and smoke the hide. Charlie Brown then demonstrates how to bark tan a deerskin. Both segments are taken from the Longhunter Series 19.95 + postage

Jon Laubach - Forging A Flintlock Rifle Barrel - Features the man who has forged more gun barrel tubes than any man living today. Jon Laubach worked many years at Colonial Williamsburg & willingly shares his experiences in becoming a real 18th century gunsmith. Assisted by his son Christopher & Mike Miller, Jon teaches how to forge a 45” long tapered & flared gun barrel tube from wrought iron on a coal fired forge. Includes bonus material on forging a breech-plug blank & making traditional boring bits. Most gun builders will never forge their own barrel, but want to know how it was done, as do many re-enactors. Jon presents in close detail the required skills & techniques $29.95 + postage

Completing the Hand-Forged Rifle Barrel - Features noted gun maker Mike Miller. Using only hand tools he files up the breech-plug cuts the threads then drills & taps the breech of the barrel tube to a proper fit. The octagon flats are rasped & filed to profile. Mike demonstrates crowning the barrel as well as coning the touchhole from inside the bore. Wallace Gusler says you have never made a barrel until it passes proof so Mike loads up a double charge with a double ball for a spectacular successful test. Of benefit to gun makers who may never forge a barrel is that Mike shows how you can profile a modern muzzle-loading barrel to obtain the correct dimensions for your rifle. The taper & flare varied from Pennsylvania through Virginia and the Carolinas $24.95 + postage

Mark Silver - Traditional Gunstocking - A two-hour presentation featuring the phenomenal gun maker Mark Silver. This project documents his innovative recreation of 18th century gun stocking techniques. Using a curly maple stock blank with the barrel already inlet, Mark demonstrates using hand saws, planes, spokeshaves, drawknives, chisels, files & rasps to quickly shape a blank into a rifle stock. Mark also demonstrates how to inlet the lock & how to properly inlet a butt plate. An outstanding presentation of 18th century craftsmanship $29.95 + postage

Hershel House - Building A Kentucky Rifle Part One - A 2-1/2 hour presentation featuring living legend Hershel House building a fine relief carved & engraved flintlock rifle. From start to finish Hershel teaches how to build a classic Kentucky Rifle beginning with a stock blank, Colerain barrel, a lock & some brass castings. He inlets the tapered & flared barrel, then demonstrates how to fabricate & install the trigger, sights, ramrod pipes, the patch box, silver inlays & barrel tennons. The muzzle cap is cast in pewter. After carving and engraving the rifle is stained & finished. An excellent DVD for beginners $29.95 + postage

Companion Book to Building A Kentucky Rifle - This 48 page book complements the above DVD & includes full size drawings by Hershel of a stock profile, details of the component parts & expanded notes on important gun building aspects such as lock placement & shaping the butt stock. Only $15.00 plus $4.00 postage or postpaid if ordered with the DVD.

Building A Kentucky Rifle Part Two – Another 2-1/2 hour DVD with Hershel demonstrating options on building flintlock rifles with a swaged muzzle cap or a two piece muzzle cap, silver wire inlay, inletting a silver name plate in a gun barrel, tuning a gunlock, making a traditional worm for cleaning a gun & how he sharpens his tools $29.95 + postage

Building a Hawken Rifle - Hershel shows how to build a historically correct copy of a famous St. Louis percussion plains rifle. Construction begins with a stock blank & ends with the completed rifle. He fabricates all the small parts to include forging the trigger guard & butt plate. Gun builders are advised that many aspects covered in this DVD also pertain to flintlocks, such as the hooked breech & using wedges to attach the barrel. Three original Hawken Rifles are also shown in the video $29.95 + postage

Basic Blacksmithing - Ninety minutes of Hershel demonstrating basic blacksmith skills with projects to include building a proper fire, forging, brazing, welding, tempering, hot cuts, hot filing, & forging a trigger guard & butt plate and Hershel forging a backwoods style knife. A bonus segment on tuning a gunlock is included $29.95 + postage

Blacksmithing Part Two - Covers more examples of practical blacksmithing skills with Hershel. Projects include forging an eye, S hooks, tongs and a Kentucky belt axe $29.95 + postage

Blacksmithing Part Three - Hershel demonstrates more challenging & complex projects that are also practical such as a boot scraper, strap hinge & pintle, stamps, gravers, an awl and a trivet $29.95 + postage

Knifemaking- William White from Woodbury Kentucky forges & files a fine bench made knife with buffalo slab handles & a cast pewter pommel & hilt. A gifted & talented craftsman who demonstrates in detail the art of making a fine knife $24.95 + postage

Casting Brass - Dr. Terry Leeper demonstrates using Petrabond (instead of sand) and a gas fired forge to make a brass trigger guard & butt plate. The procedures are the same as if you used a coal forge & “green” sand. All of the principles & techniques are instructional in content but we highly recommend beginners seek experienced supervision when learning to cast metal. Nearly every aspect of casting brass is hazardous! $19.95 + postage

Ron Ehlert - Building Kentucky Rifles - A Comprehensive Guide to Assembling Kentucky Rifles from a Kit - These 4½ hours long three-disc DVD set features famous gun builder the late Ron Ehlert building TWO Jim Chambers rifle kits. Since there are so many options in a fine kit, Ron demonstrates how to accomplish most of them to include installing a brass patch box, a sliding wood box lid, set triggers, single triggers, bluing, browning, traditional or modern stains, installing a white lightning touch hole liner and how to install a percussion lock! $44.95 + postage

Making Powder Horns - Ron Ehlert shows how to make a fine traditional powder horn. Various construction options are shown to take a raw horn to a beautifully shaped & functional horn. Ron also demonstrates how to scrimshaw with three different techniques $29.95 + postage

Wallace Gusler - Relief Carving A Kentucky Rifle (circa 1775) - This ninety-minute presentation features Wallace Gusler from Williamsburg Virginia covering the tools, design & layout of traditional relief carving on a Kentucky Rifle. Wallace works in the style & form of 18th century craftsmen & instructs how to recreate a traditional look that is still original. Includes video of three fine original flintlock rifles $29.95 + postage

Engraving A Kentucky Rifle (circa 1775) - In this one hour presentation Wallace discusses gravers, design, layout, proper sharpening and execution of traditional chase style engraving. Attention is given to borders, engraving a fine patch box, the steel lock plate and signing the barrel $29.95 + postage

Building Flintlock Pistols with Mike Miller - This three-hour DVD features talented full time traditional gun builder Mike Miller from Paducah Kentucky building a very fine flintlock Kentucky pistol starting with a premium curly maple stock blank & then fabricating most of the parts. The tapered & flared Bob Paris barrel is inlet with hand tools; the brass mounts including the ramrod pipes & muzzle cap, sights, tennon, trigger & side plate are all fabricated. Mike demonstrates a neat technique to swage out & inlet a brass butt cap. He also installs a touchhole vent liner, relief carves the stock & adds a beautiful traditional finish over the nitric acid stain $29.95 + postage

Frank House - The Gunbuilder’s Companion Series - This DVD series features famous gun maker Frank House in three separate volumes demonstrating those various important details that is important to building a fine custom KY rifle.

  • Volume One covers swaging a brass butt plate, fabricating iron ramrod tips, making an adjustable powder measure, casting and installing a gold touchhole liner $24.95 + postage
  • Volume Two Frank demonstrates how to modify commercial set triggers for a custom look and how to half-sole a frizzen for superior sparking performance $24.95 + postage
  • Volume Three Frank demonstrates forging a mainspring & a frizzen spring. Important aspects in building a fine custom rifle $24.95 + postage

    Contemporary Kentucky Rifles - These DVDs are a treasure for gun builders to see some of the best contemporary artisans of the 20th and 21st century. These four volumes show close up detail from various angles & review the work of the very best gun makers building Kentucky rifles & pistols. The additional benefit to builders is to see the shaping of finished stocks & the level of craftsmanship of custom rifles. You have heard the names now see their work!

  • Volume One features the late John Bivins, Jud Brennan, Jack Brooks, Gary Brumfield, Steve Davis, the late Ron Ehlert, Brad Emig and John Ennis $19.95 + postage
  • Volume Two features Wallace Gusler, Mel Hankla, Robert Harn, Frank House, Hershel House, living legend Earl Lanning, Michael Lea, the late Hacker Martin, David Rase, Mark Silver and George Suiter $19.95 + postage
  • Volume Three features Jud and his son Jesse Brennan, Mike Brooks, Gary Brumfield, the late David Dodds, Chuck Edwards, Brad Emig, Wallace Gusler, Lowell Haarer, Mel Hankla, Frank House, Hershel House and Earl Lanning $19.95 + postage
  • Volume Four also features Chris and Jon Laubach, Allen Martin, Mike Miller, Allan Sandy, Randall Sherman, Mark Silver, Clay Smith, Mark Thomas, Mark Wheland and a Colonial Williamsburg cased set (brace) of pistols $19.95 + postage

    Rifling A Gun Barrel - Features the colorful and talented Toad Hall gun builder Steve Bookout demonstrating how to ream a commercial unrifled barrel blank & then rifle it in a traditional manner with his hand powered homemade rifling machine $19.95 + postage

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